For nearly two decades I worked as a copywriter and creative director. More recently I’ve focused on these three areas:



In 2012 I left Razorfish to begin a second career in content marketing. Shortly thereafter I launched a robust program for Mutual Mobile [case study 1case study 2], and later founded a content marketing studio serving HP, Google, Stanley Black & Decker and Colgate.

• Established distribution partnerships with Mashable, Business Insider, Fast Company, Salesforce and SAP.

• Produced work recognized by The W3 Awards, The Davey Awards, The Addy Awards and The Digiday Video Awards.


While working in Austin's startup scene, I augmented my content marketing efforts by asking the media to tell my employers' stories as well. I was surprisingly successful at capturing editor interest. 

• Convinced CNN to use Chaotic Moon's office as their SXSW HQ.

• Convinced Engadget and Fast Company to feature Chaotic Moon's innovations at their events.

• Secured features in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, Gizmodo and many other outlets.

Digital advertising

In 2015 I took a CMO position with an Austin fintech startup that was later acquired. Since then I've developed marketing strategies for Goldman Sachs as well as local startups. 

• Planned and executed digital ad campaigns that delivered up to 6X the average click through.

• Decreased a client's CAC by 60% while delivering the same number of conversions for 1/5th the spend.

• Helped clients explore ad tactics that acquired customers for as little as $1-$3.