For nearly two decades I worked as a copywriter and creative director. More recently I’ve focused on these three areas:


In 2012 I left Razorfish to begin a second career in content marketing. Shortly thereafter I launched a robust program for Mutual Mobile [case study 1; case study 2], and later founded a content marketing studio serving Google, HP, Stanley Black & Decker and Colgate.

• Established distribution partnerships with Fast Company, Mashable, Business Insider, SAP and Salesforce.

• Produced work recognized by The Addy Awards, The W3 Awards, The Davey Awards, The Digiday Video Awards, the HOW Interactive Design Awards and Communication Arts magazine.


While working in Austin's startup scene, I augmented my content marketing efforts by asking the media to tell my employers' stories as well. I was surprisingly successful at capturing editor interest. 

• Persuaded CNN to use Chaotic Moon's office as their SXSW HQ.

• Convinced Fast Company and Engadget to feature Chaotic Moon's innovations at their events.

• Secured features in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Popular Science and many other outlets. 


After spending 19 years working on the creative side of the biz, I took a CMO position with a company that was later acquired by Goldman Sachs. Since then, I've developed marketing strategies for startups and enterprises alike. 

• Planned digital ad campaigns that delivered up to 6X the average CTR.

• Helped clients explore new ad tactics that acquired customers for as little as $1-$3.

• Used email retargeting to convert returning site visitors at a .36 CPA.

• Decreased a client's CAC by 60% while delivering the same number of conversions for 1/5th the spend.